100 Lunches with strangers – a simple way to transform your life.

For many of us, connecting with strangers is challenging and perhaps a little scary. Kaley Chu will show you how every stranger, every new connection is a door to opportunities you never thought possible. Her methodology will help you re-evaluate your self-talk, overcome limiting beliefs and move forward into a much more fulfilling life. No matter what your goals or objectives, Kaley’s journey will inspire you to achieve your full potential, turn the ordinary into extraordinary and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. Get out of your comfort zone. Change your destiny and unleash your hidden potential.


Sophie Kost

Kaley Chu


100 Lunches with Strangers In 2018, Kaley turned lunch into a life-changing experience. Not just one lunch, but 100 of them. With strangers, over a year! She is the author of the brand new book, ‘100 Lunches with Strangers’. Kaley has been featured in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald as well as interviewed by radio stations across the country. She is now sharing her journey and the lessons distilled from those lunches with the rest of the world. Her inspiring story has the power to cut through corporate hype and encourage immediate, life-changing action.

Day: 18 Feb 2020
Time: 7am for a 7:15 meeting start
Finish: 8:45am
Location: Canterbury Centre, 2 Rochester Road Canterbury VIC 3126
(incl breakfast)
Free for first time Guests.
$25 for other non-members