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Business Description:

Patrick is an experienced Mortgage professional, helping people realise their dreams of home ownership, with more than 20 different lenders we can find and facilitate a suitable solution for many different lending scenarios.

How Business Creates Value:

We offer you a wide choice of loans from many different lenders giving you the greatest chance to borrow the amount you need at the lowest possible rate. With thousands of options on the market choosing the right loan can be difficult. We have an extensive tool kit to factually assess the options and make the right selection for you. There is no substitute for experience when you need a job done quickly and correctly. We have been providing mortgage broker services for over 20 years.

How Member Creates Value:

Patrick is an experienced small business operator with over 20 years’ experience managing a business , a wealth of experience having experienced the high’s and low’s of self-employment.

Power Partners:

My ideal client is anyone looking to get into the property market or they might be in the market and need to review their current facility, I will manage the process right through to settlement, helping you navigate the maze of loans to find a suitable solution.

My ideal referral partners are financial planners, Solicitors and conveyancers, Accountants, Real Estate agents & buyers advocates.

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