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Powdermill Consulting Services

Powdermill Consulting Services

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Business Description:

We are a business management services consultancy that offers management and sustainability leadership for your business. We solve a vast array of organisational issues in the industrial sector, and set these companies apart from their opposition by developing sustainable competitive advantage and solutions. 

How Business Creates Value:

We aim to solve customers problems through a hands on
consultative approach, adding value to their business and operations in doing

As experts in the global HVAC&R hemisphere:

  • We are presenting to market a growing portfolio of industrial solutions for saving energy in residential, commercial and industrial environments
  • We understand the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Comfort in all spaces and can present solutions fit for purpose for any application

We aim to save energy and have fun doing it.

How Member Creates Value:

We review (Industrial) companies operations and define Continuous Improvement Plans and projects.

We introduce technology, review your operations building envelope and identify opportunities for improvement –

Introduce sustainable measures for your business that help save energy and create a safe workplace through new technology introduction – Electrification projects, Energy Optimisation, Indoor Air Quality

Power Partners:

  • Business Owners/Managers
  • Building & Operations Managers
  • Consultants – Engineering
  • Builders – Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Contractors
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