Business Referrers

Who We Are

We are local business owners like you, looking for opportunities to network, grow and build our businesses, through business networking in Melbourne.

The Business Referrers network was founded in 2015 to provide a business network that met the needs of small business owners.

Our network is made up of professionals from a wide range of industries, all looking to build meaningful relationships and gain referrals. We believe that by working together and referring business to each other, we can all achieve greater success.

Our community is professional yet warm, creating an environment that fosters collaboration and growth. We hold our members accountable while recognising that we all have businesses to operate and that time is valuable. 

At Business Referrers, we believe that success in business is not just about working hard but also about building relationships and supporting each other. We meet regularly to share ideas, discuss challenges, and build our businesses together.

We invite you to join our network and become part of our community of small business owners who are dedicated to growing their businesses through referrals and meaningful connections.

Be Our Guest

Are you looking for a way to kickstart your morning and grow your business at the same time?

Join us for breakfast at our weekly networking event, where you can connect with other local business owners and start your day off right.

Our breakfast meetings provide a great opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other professionals in your community and gain referrals for your business.

At your first meeting with us, we even shout you breakfast as a way to say thank you for considering our network.

Our breakfast events are held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, allowing you to network with other professionals and learn more about the benefits of joining our community.

Business Networking Melbourne

Upcoming Events

It’s easy, we meet weekly!

Members are provided with the opportunity to regularly present at the Business Referrers Event. 

Attendance for Guests is free. However, you are required to register prior to the event, as guest’s seats are limited to 10 per meeting. 

Business Referrers Members

The Business Referrers Members Directory provides the opportunity to connect with our member network.

A full list of available business categories is available, but if you can’t see your business category, do not hesitate to contact us.

To ensure an effective networking environment, specific categories are used to identify new members, and only one business per category is able to be a member.

Limiting membership to one category per member ensures that each member can benefit from unique networking opportunities and potential referrals without feeling overshadowed or crowded out by similar businesses.


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