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Business Description:

Desire to Retire is a personalised support service for professionals struggling with the big questions around retirement. The one-to-one service enables clients to make better decisions for the next stage of life. Focus is on establishing the client’s individual pathway for transitioning to retirement, to make the next stage of life a reality.

How Business Creates Value:

Estelle Kelly is the founder of ek Coaching, a Retirement Life Coaching practice. She  worked in education, both as a teacher and in welfare, all her professional life. In educational settings, Estelle provided valuable support to all members of the school community using her Counselling and Life Coaching skills.

Ek Coaching provides personalised support through:

  • 1:1  Life Coaching
  • Online group coaching
  • Self-assessment tools regarding readiness for retirement

How Member Creates Value:

Retirement is a stage of life we all look forward to: a reward for decades of hard work. It can also bring significant challenges.

Estelle Kelly uses her deep listening and questioning skills to prompt clients to create a new way of thinking about the challenges they are dealing with. In coaching circles, the saying goes: “The answer to the issue is in the question.”

Together with Estelle, clients create a plan for their next stage of life with more clarity and confidence, even when it may have previously seemed impossible.

Power Partners:

Ideal clients for Desire to Retire are professionals aged 55 years plus who are struggling with making good decisions around their next stage of life, whether it be transitioning to retirement, or, having fully retired, discovering it is not working as expected.

Ideal partners are Financial Planners, Real estate Agents related to retirement and Architects specialising in creating safe homes for the different stages of retirement.

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